Kentucky Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences
Kentucky Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences

Honorary Members

Honorary Members

Honorary Members

KEAFCS Honorary Membership

*In April 2002, KEAFCS Honorary membership was formally proposed, voted on, and passed.  *Sept 2002 – Changes/additions made to Constitution

– Honorary membership added to Constitution – Article II
Section D. Honorary Membership - Honorary membership shall be granted to select individuals who are distinguished, knowledgeable, and supportive of KEAFCS. The Executive Board shall select individuals for the honor from nominations submitted by KEAFCS members. Nominees must have contributed to and promoted KEAFCS objectives. Honorary members shall not pay dues, hold office, serve on committees, vote, nor receive awards and grants. Honorary members shall receive the KEAFCS newsletter and other correspondence and may attend state annual meeting upon payment of fees.

– Honorary membership added to KEAFCS Policies
 VP Member Resources solicits nominations for honorary members from the membership. Recipients shall:
· be notified of their honor
· be invited to attend the annual meeting
· be honored at the awards meal or other designated time
· receive a certificate, gift, and meal
· be presented with a press release of the honor


KEAFCS Honorary Members List

  • 2001 – Patricia (Patsy) Brantley Todd (UK HES grad and spouse of UK President Lee Todd)
  • 2002 – Marian Simms and Mary Ann Smith Edge RD (UK Board of Trustees)
  • 2003 – Alice Baesler, (Women in Agriculture Program), Asst. Director Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. Bonnie Tanner, Commissioner of Agriculture Billy Ray Smith and Dr. M. Scott Smith (College of Agriculture)
  • 2004 – Dr. Larry Turner (Associate Dean and Director Cooperative Extension Service)
  • 2005 – Dr. Martha Nall (UK Extension Specialist)  and State Senator Katie Stine
  • 2006 – Carolyn Belcher and Doug Thomas
  • 2008 – David William
  • 2010 – Dr. Tammy Stephenson (UK) and Kristen Branscum (KDA) for Plate it Up Program
  • 2012 – James Comer (KY Commissioner of Agriculture)
  • 2013 – State Representative Tom McKee
  • 2014 – Dr. Nancy Cox (College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Dean) and Linda Young (UK Healthcare)
  • 2015 – Dr. Jimmy Henning (Associate Dean and Director KY Cooperative Extension Service)
  • 2016 – Ryan Quarles (KY Commissioner of Agriculture)
  • 2017 – Warren Beeler – (Governor’s office on Agriculture Policy)
  • 2018 – Andy Beshear (KY Attorney General) and Lori Farris (AG’s office)
  • 2019  – Dr. Eli Capiluto (University of Kentucky President)
  • 2020 – Dr. Laura Stephenson (University of Kentucky Associate Dean and Director KY Cooperative Extension Service)

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